Chainalysis Joins Hands With Deloitte To Enhance Blockchain Tracking And Investigations

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Key Highlights: 

  • To improve blockchain tracking and provide specialized risk and compliance services, Chainalysis and Deloitte have teamed up.
  • The partnership will use Deloitte’s forensic and investigative capabilities and Chainalysis’ exclusive blockchain dataset.
  • By tracking money transfers to high-risk or prohibited businesses, the alliance seeks to locate and bring those responsible for illegal activity to justice.

This week, the well-known “Big Four” accounting, consulting, and professional service organizations, notably Deloitte, partnered with Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics firm. A new strategic collaboration has been formed with the aim of providing complete solutions and services for digital asset data and analytics.

The partnership will make it possible for their mutual clients to make use of Chainalysis’ unique blockchain dataset, analytics program, and training materials, as well as Deloitte’s services to assist clients in managing forensic, investigative, and compliance programs.

The two will also collaborate on regulatory compliance, analytics, investigation, and AML/KYC (anti-money laundering/know your customer). 

Thomas Stanley, the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Chainalysis, said, “For law enforcement agencies, regulators, and financial ecosystem players across the nation, the alliance offers new, collaborative solutions that help identify transformation gaps, accelerate mission success at enterprise scale, and mitigate risk while increasing revenue.”

Tim Davis, principal and lead of Deloitte’s Advisory Blockchain and Digital Asset practice, commented on the collaboration and said that it shows how the organization is investing in its ecosystem of digital asset innovation for the benefit of its clients.

Deloitte recently joined Polkadot’s ecosystem as a significant enterprise partner as part of its Web3 expansion after collaborating on the latter’s parachain initiative to enhance digital identity methods.

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