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According to Dune, Bitcoin Miners Made $600K From Ordinals Transactions.

Bitcoin Miners Make $600,000 in BTC Fees from Controversial NFT Protocol. Since the introduction of Ordinals, a new non-fungible token …

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In Super Bowl Set, Drake Won More Than A Million Dollars In Bitcoin

Viral Canadian rapper, Drake, made headlines last week when he bet more than $1.26 million worth of bitcoin on Super …

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Due To Low Power Costs, TeraWulf Mined More BTC In January

TeraWulf, a US-based cryptocurrency miner, produced 157 BTC in January, up 25.6% over the previous month. A blizzard hampered its …


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To Send Financial Help To Ukrain, UN Will Use Stellar Blockchain

On December 15, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced its collaboration with the UNHCR to test a Stellar-powered digital cash …

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Starbucks Launched The Beta Of Its Web3 “Odyssey” Loyalty Program On Polygon

Key Highlights: The beta testing of Starbucks’ web3 loyalty program and NFT community has begun. The software, known as Starbucks …

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Thailand & Hungary To Join Hands To Explore Blockchain Tech

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was written by the Thai Fintech Association (TFA) and the Blockchain Coalition of Hungary to …


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YouTuber Logan Paul To Sue CoffeZilla For CryptoZoo Scam Allegations

Since his media stardom rose to prominence, Logan Paul has been the target of what seems like an infinite number …

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To Explore The NFT Culture, Amazon Launched A New Series, “NFTMe”

The recently released show “NFTMe” on Amazon will be NFT-focused and include artists, collectors, and industry experts from across the …

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Inspired By FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola Partners With CryptoCom To Launch NFT Collection

Key Highlights: Through Coca-Cola’s Fanzone digital platform, football fans worldwide may now acquire a special “Piece of Magic” NFT that …

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