YouTuber Logan Paul To Sue CoffeZilla For CryptoZoo Scam Allegations

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Since his media stardom rose to prominence, Logan Paul has been the target of what seems like an infinite number of controversies. His two-year-old NFT project, CryptoZoo, is currently the subject of close examination.

A number of people in the area are upset over the most recent development. Although the suspicions of a crypto scam have not yet been proven, the investigative journalist who spoke with alleged backers of the project has made shocking accusations against Paul and his crew.

What has happened?

Logan Paul, a YouTuber, has threatened to sue Coffeezilla, another YouTuber and an online investigator, for defamation after Coffeezilla called Paul’s CryptoZoo nonfungible token (NFT) project a “scam.”

Since December 17, when Stephen Findeisen, alias Coffeezilla, released the first of a three-part video series criticizing CryptoZoo and Paul, who served as the project’s face, the two have been exchanging barbs on social media and in YouTube videos.

Did his friends betray Paul?

In his opening remarks, Paul asserted that CoffeZilla’s inquiries into CryptoZoo were driven by a desire to capitalize on his notoriety. In addition, he said that by chasing Stephen out, Stephen had exposed himself to actual consequences.

Later, Paul criticized CoffeeZilla‘s legitimacy by asserting that his content had devolved into gossip cloaked in facts. Paul backed up these assertions by pointing out important inconsistencies in Stephen’s investigations, such as his omission to mention Zach Kelling’s criminal record when he stole the game code, fled to Switzerland, and demanded $1,000,000 in exchange for returning it.

Paul also attributed Kelling’s hiring to Lead Dev Eddie Ibanez, whom he had faith would thoroughly screen everyone involved in the project. However, he later learned that Ibanez was a skilled scam artist who made life by deceiving billionaires.

Introduction to CryptoZoo

The idea behind the NFT game CryptoZoo is to let “ZooKeepers” purchase NFT eggs using the ZOO native currency. These eggs would then hatch into creatures that could be crossed to produce hybrid creatures.

The hybrids were designed to be tradeable and give ZooKeepers ZOO, and Paul described the idea as a “very enjoyable game that makes you money” on a podcast from August 21, 2021.

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