Crypto Week-in-Review


BTC’s Epic Recovery

Last week witnessed an extraordinary recovery in Bitcoin’s price, defying expectations of a crypto bear market. Though anticipated, BTC’s rally was long overdue, with the possibility of a small pullback before continuing its momentum.

Factors Driving BTC’s Price

Bitcoin’s price was influenced by a mix of crypto and macro factors, with the former having a neutral to bearish effect. Notably, listing spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong and CZ’s sentencing had contrasting impacts.

Investor perception played a crucial role, with a delayed response to bullish factors such as the Federal Reserve’s dovish stance and the treasury’s bond buyback program. Investors’ late awakening coincided with weaker-than-expected economic data, spurring BTC’s recovery.

Short-Term Outlook

BTC hovers around $64k, likely to experience a minor pullback before potentially continuing its rally toward the low $70k range.

ETH’s Security Status

Ethereum saw a recovery, albeit smaller than BTC’s, with its price heavily influenced by interest rate dynamics. ETH’s lag against BTC stemmed from investor concerns over short-term interest rates, potentially hindering its outperformance until both short and long-term rates align favorably.

Regulatory Challenges

ETH faces regulatory uncertainties, with potential SEC classification as a security looming and rejection prospects for spot Ethereum ETFs.

The Hong Kong ETFs

The listing of spot Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong could uplift ETH’s price, reflecting growing interest in Asia’s crypto market. Regulatory barriers, particularly in China, limit mainland investors’ access to crypto ETFs despite strong demand.

Fed’s Policy In Focus

The Fed’s decision to cut QT tapering plans while keeping short-term interest rates high marks a significant divergence in monetary policy tools. This move could signal a shift towards financial repression, potentially bullish for crypto assets amidst rising inflation concerns.

Top Performing Cryptos

  • Helium (HNT)

HNT surged due to the launch of Helium Mobile Group plans, potentially breaking out of a descending wedge pattern.

  • dogwifhat (WIF)

WIF rallied on institutional reports of memecoins’ activity, forming a double bottom pattern suggesting further upside.

  • Worldcoin (WLD)

WLD speculation regarding a partnership with OpenAI drove its price. A potential double-bottom pattern, if key resistance levels are breached, indicates a bullish trend.

  • Render (RNDR)

RNDR’s participation in events boosted its price, forming a double bottom pattern, though facing the risk of a correction.

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