Crypto Week-in-Review


BTC Flash Crash


The cryptocurrency market witnessed a significant downturn, with Bitcoin (BTC) experiencing a flash crash, dropping more than 20%. This sudden decline was attributed to various bearish macro factors, including the unexpected CPI print for March, hinting at a potential resurgence in inflation. Additionally, escalating tensions in the Middle East, particularly the direct attack by Iran on Israel, added to the market uncertainty.

Factors Behind the Crash:

The primary driver of the crypto crash was the liquidations triggered by these macroeconomic events. Over a billion dollars of leveraged long positions were liquidated, resulting in substantial selling pressure. Furthermore, low inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs exacerbated the situation.

Market Recovery and Potential Upsides:

Despite the crash, there are signs of market stabilization and a potential rebound. If Hong Kong regulators approve the proposed spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, along with significant inflows, further gains are anticipated. However, it’s worth noting that Bitcoin’s failure to act as a safe haven during this turmoil indicates lingering investor skepticism.

BTC Price Analysis and Future Outlook:

BTC’s price action mirrors past tops, suggesting the formation of a local top. While this doesn’t necessarily signify the end of the cycle, it implies a period of range-bound trading in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, this presents trading opportunities for those willing to navigate the market dynamics.

SEC’s Latest Move Against Uniswap

The SEC’s latest move against Uniswap underscores the regulatory uncertainties looming over the crypto space. While Ethereum and its ecosystem face scrutiny, it’s evident that DeFi protocols challenge centralized entities. Yet, regulatory ambiguity persists, hindering innovation. The SEC’s actions highlight the need for clear guidelines to foster growth. As the crypto landscape evolves, regulatory clarity becomes imperative for sustainable progress.

Top Performing Cryptos

TON Coin (TON):

TON Coin rallied on speculation surrounding the potential listing of Telegram’s stock on an exchange. While the rally materialized, TON’s market cap suggests a probable consolidation phase before further upward movement.


NEO’s NEOC coin experienced a pump, possibly due to its participation in Paris Blockchain Week. However, NEO faces significant resistance levels and may consolidate before a potential rally alongside the broader market.

UNAAS (UNAAS) and Leo (LEO):

UNAAS and Leo, associated with the BitForex crypto exchange, saw increased trading volumes amid weekend volatility. While the technical analysis may be limited for exchange tokens like Leo, they could witness gradual upward trends.

First Digital USD (FDUSD) and Tether (USDT):

FDUSD and USDT rallied amid a flight to safety, with investors selling altcoins for stablecoins. Stablecoin market cap movements, such as a significant USDC print, hint at potential trading strategies and market sentiment shifts in the DeFi sector.

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