Crypto Week-in-Review


Bitcoin Volatility and Legal Rulings

  • In a week marked by Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, Bitcoin faced turbulence with a sudden 9% decline.
  • A UK court ruling dismissed Australian computer scientist Craig Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, while investment firm VanEck announced the removal of spot Bitcoin ETF trading fees until 2025.

Ethereum Advances with Dencun Upgrade

  • Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, launched on March 13 at 9:55 AM ET, followed Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin‘s proposal of a hard fork strategy to protect the network from quantum computing threats.

DeFi Initiatives and Altcoin Trends

  • MakerDAO’s Rune Christensen announced the upcoming launch of the first phase of Endgame in Summer 2024. As memecoins gain traction, market trends around the next viral meme coin are analyzed post-Bitcoin’s surge.
  • Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk hinted at Dogecoin’s potential acceptance as a payment method for Tesla cars.

Innovations in Technology and Business

  • Popular wallet MetaMask tested the first on-chain payment card on the Mastercard network.
  • The Avalanche Foundation acquired five meme coins native to the Avalanche blockchain, while Coinbase announced plans to raise $1 billion through a convertible debt offering.

NFTs, Web3, and Security Updates

  • Solana-based NFT platform Tensor introduced its governance token TNSR. Rapper French Montana made history by inscribing a previously unreleased song on Bitcoin.
  • Syntropy secured additional capital funding, and Space and Time collaborated with Matter Labs to integrate zero-knowledge technology.
  • Meanwhile, security concerns arose as North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus resumed using Tornado Cash for money laundering.

Regulatory Shifts and International Developments

  • Democratic senators urged the SEC to halt crypto-based ETF approvals.
  • El Salvador removed income tax on foreign investments and money transfers.
  • The SEC ordered First Trust Advisors and SkyBridge Capital to abandon their Bitcoin ETF application.
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