First NFT Game, Blankos Block Party, Launched by Epic Games Store

The first NFT game to be available on the platform’s Marketplace, Blankos Block Party, was officially launched on September 15 by American video game production studio Epic Games.

According to Mythical Games’ creators, the beta edition of Blankos Block Party has more than one million players. It was released in 2020. The NFT characters and accessories, which can be exchanged in the in-game shop, are this shooting game’s main draw.

Key Highlights:

  • The first NFT-powered game to go live on the Epic Games Store is the web3 game Blankos Block Party.
  • The game by Mythical Games went into open beta in 2020 and had its own launcher. According to the firm, over a million people have played it.

A free-to-play multiplayer party game called Blankos Block Party is built around the non-fungible collectible digital vinyl toys known as Blankos, which may be purchased, improved, and traded inside the game. Third Kind Games and Mythical Games collaborated on the game’s development.

Blankos Block Party, motivated by designer/vinyl toy culture, enables users to interact and play in a vibrant online setting. In the game, NFTs symbolize specific products like avatar styles and accessories that can be purchased and sold through the game’s marketplace.

Relation Between Epic Games and Blankos Block Party
Gaming developer Mythical Games released Blankos Block Party about two years ago as an open beta. Since then, Mythical claims that over one million players have interacted with the game. Today, Blankos Block Party was added to the Epic Games Store’s selection, making it the first Web3 or NFT-based game to appear.

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