Goldman Sachs Study Reveals 32% of Family Offices Invest In Crypto And Digital Assets

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Key Highlights: 

  • According to the most recent data from Goldman Sachs, 32% of family offices want to invest in digital assets by 2023.
  • The study discovered that family offices play a significant role in future blockchain technology possibilities.
  • According to the study, the percentage of people considering investing in Cryptos in the future has decreased from 45% to 12%.

In a recent report, the financial giant Goldman Sachs found that 26% of family offices had specifically invested in Cryptos, while 32% of family offices globally have exposure to digital assets, NFTs, or DeFi.

According to the findings of the 2021 study, only 16% of asset management companies were HODLers.

However, a sizable portion of investors believed that Cryptos would be a viable option in the future in the 2021 survey. Due to the steep decline in that number, 62% of family offices—up from 39% in 2021—now express no interest in making investments in Crypto. The largest shift in opinion occurred in the Americas, while 79% of family offices in EMEA do not plan to invest.

When asked what drove their decision to invest, 19% of respondents said they were convinced of the capabilities of blockchain technology.

About the survey

The report was based on surveys emailed to home offices during January and February 2023. Overall, 166 home offices took part, of which 95 are in the Americas, 37 in Asia-Pacific, and 34 in Europe and the Middle East.

During the recent banking crisis, Goldman Sachs was one of the top performers as many investors decided to diversify their holdings. The largest volume of inflows monthly since the COVID-19 pandemic’s debut has been $52 billion, a 13% growth, into Goldman Sachs’ money funds.

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