In Super Bowl Set, Drake Won More Than A Million Dollars In Bitcoin

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Viral Canadian rapper, Drake, made headlines last week when he bet more than $1.26 million worth of bitcoin on Super Bowl LVI, posting pictures of his bets on Instagram. Drake used the platform Stake, a Bitcoin casino and sports betting site, to make his bets.

Drake bet more than $471k on the Rams to win the Super Bowl and got paid more than $711k. In addition, the Rams star and Bitcoiner Odell Beckham Jr. was the subject of two additional bets made by the rapper.

About the bets by Drake

Drake placed three bets totaling $1.26 million in Bitcoin, including one for the Rams to win for about CAD 600,000 (approximately USD 471,250), one for Odell Beckham Jr. to have more than 62.5 receiving yards for about CAD 500,000 (approximately $392,708), and one for OBJ to score at least one touchdown for about CAD 500,000 (approximately USD 392,708).

If Drake is correct in his predictions, he will receive approximately CAD 906,000 (approximately USD 711,587) if the Rams win, CAD 906,000 (approximately USD 710,801) if OBJ has more than 62.5 receiving yards, and CAD 1,075,000 (approximately USD 844,322) if OBJ scores at least one touchdown. If all of Drake’s bets are successful, he might pocket about USD 2,266,710.

No Crypto-related promotions this year

Due to the number of crypto firms advertised during the Super Bowl last year, it became renowned as the “Crypto Bowl.” FTX,, and Coinbase were among the most active, but their logos did not appear on the game’s night due to the negative market and declining interest in the asset class.

This year, the crypto businesses were replaced by enormous food and beverage brands like Doritos, Heineken, and Bud Light.

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