Inspired By FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola Partners With CryptoCom To Launch NFT Collection

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Key Highlights:

  • Through Coca-Cola’s Fanzone digital platform, football fans worldwide may now acquire a special “Piece of Magic” NFT that was inspired by the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
  • 10,000 different NFTs will be produced based on the “heatmaps” of tournament games.

Coca-Cola and crypto exchange have collaborated to publish a set of FIFA World Cup NFTs based on heat maps of the games that were played. Heatmaps are visual representations of player movements in previously played matches.

The beverage company collaborated with digital artist GMUNK to create 10,000 NFTs. In the past, GMUNK has collaborated with companies like Nike, DoorDash, and Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes. The NFT platform at will also house the NFT collection.

Fans must register for a user account on the NFT platform and mint a token on the Coca-Cola fan zone page to access the NFT collection. The Coca-Cola fan zone is a virtual hub for the 2022 FIFA World Cup that gives fans a chance to participate in games, thrills, and memorable moments. Along with the NFT collection, the fan zone also features pledges, leaderboards, and predictions that let viewers compete with one another and engage with the event in real-time.

What does the CMO of CryptoCom have to say?

In a press release, Steven Kalifowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at, said, “This year’s FIFA World Cup will be the first to leverage Web3 technology.” “It’s a privilege to partner with Coca-Cola and GMUNK to memorialize these historical matches that will forever be captured on the blockchain. Together we are creating a completely new form of memorabilia.”

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