More than 10 Million Packs of NFT playing cards sold by the Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game Splinterlands

The third major card expansion series for the play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game Splinterlands, Chaos Legion, has reportedly sold more than 10 million packs. A game called Splinterlands uses blockchain and cryptocurrencies to improve online collectible card competitions.

The Splinterlands cards, or NFTs, can be bought and sold on secondary markets, and new players need to get a “Summoner’s Spellbook” in order to begin playing. Only 15,000,000 packs of the Chaos Legion series cards were produced when they first went on sale on January 17, 2022, which was eight months ago.

According to the Splinterlands initiative, the 10 million sales represent the “home stretch” for the cards’ remaining supply due to their limited availability. Jesse Reich, the co-founder and current CEO of Splinterlands, expressed the team’s satisfaction with the Chaos Legion sales accomplishment and expressed the team’s eagerness for further expansion.

Reich said on Wednesday, “The successes are coming like a flood these days, and we are thrilled. Our community is phenomenal and we are so grateful for their loyalty and enthusiasm, which is an ongoing inspiration to our team to keep co-creating this remarkable game with them. We can’t wait to expand more into the mainstream gaming industry and show the world what Web 3.0 is all about.”

Additionally, the Riftwatchers card set from the Splinterlands series sold out in less than two minutes at the end of September, during the crypto winter when NFT sales had plummeted. Games like Axie Infinity have seen billions of dollars in sales, making gamefi (the junction of gaming and finance) a hot trend in 2022.

For instance, 2,163,241 traders on the Axie Marketplace have sold $4.25 billion worth of goods since it launched. According to a recent study, Gameta is the most recent game-related enterprise with the most monthly subscribers. In terms of monthly subscribers, Gameta is the leader, followed by Axie Infinity in fifth place and Splinterlands in fourth.

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