PM Narendra Modi Calls For Global Framework For Crypto And AI At The B20 Summit

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At the B20 Summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated the establishment of a comprehensive global framework for crypto regulation and ethical artificial intelligence (AI) usage. This call for a unified approach to crypto and AI comes amidst the growing influence of these transformative technologies across the globe.

PM Modi’s address emphasized the need for collaboration among nations to formulate a structured approach that balances innovation and regulation in the crypto sector. He highlighted the potential of cryptos in driving financial inclusion and acknowledged the concerns surrounding their misuse of illegal activities.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of ethical AI practices, prioritizing privacy, data security, and transparency. He emphasized the significance of developing AI that benefits humanity rather than being driven by narrow interests.

The idea of a global ethical framework for crypto and AI resonates with the evolving landscape of technology and finance. PM Modi’s proposal seeks to foster responsible and sustainable innovation as these technologies continue to reshape industries, economies, and societies.

PM Modi‘s call for collaboration on a global level reflects India’s stance on harnessing the potential of these technologies while safeguarding against potential risks. The move aligns with India’s broader efforts to position itself as a leader in the digital transformation journey, fostering innovation while maintaining regulatory oversight.

This announcement has drawn attention from international stakeholders, with experts and leaders from various domains acknowledging the significance of such a proposal. As discussions continue around the practical implementation of a global framework, the B20 Summit has provided a platform for world leaders to collectively address the challenges and opportunities posed by cryptos and AI.

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