Public Access to its Ethereum Gateway Made Available by Cloudflare

Cloudflare, a web infrastructure platform, has announced that its Ethereum and IPFS gateways will facilitate the development and implementation of Ethereum for its customers. Customers may now log into their Cloudflare dashboard and create a zone for Ethereum, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), or both.

Cloudflare positions itself as an underlying web infrastructure that underpins a variety of blockchain-based applications as one of the fastest-growing data storage companies.

The Ethereum Gateway from Cloudflare allows users to read and write to the Ethereum network without having to install any software on their PCs. They can read and access all information that has been validated by current nodes on the blockchain without any restrictions.

According to a recent blog post by the company, it has developed a new API that provides end-to-end managed hostname deployment, ensuring that the establishment and management of gateways are quick and painless.

A new testnet support is implemented to “guarantee new development can be readily tested, hardened, and delivered to the mainnet without incurring additional risks to the blockchain network,” according to the description.

The report went on to say that DeFi protocols can use the Cloudflare IPFS gateway to deliver their front-end web apps, demonstrating its infrastructure support for web3 applications. NFT creators can also utilize the Ethereum Gateway to launch new products and the IPFS gateway to store digital assets in a decentralized system.

Dapps with big traffic volumes can also use their service to minimize web congestion. Cloudflare also noted Ethereum’s planned “the Merge” move to Proof of State as a vital point for addressing the “scale and environmental concerns that blockchain technologies face today.” The company claimed that it would support Ethereum’s PoS transition in the future.

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