Stablecoin Issuer Tether Has Appointed Paolo Ardoino As The New CEO

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The stablecoin issuer Tether has named Paolo Ardoino as its new CEO, while the former CEO, Jean-Louis van der Velde, will transition into an advisory role. According to an official press release, Van der Velde will retain his position as CEO of Bitfinex, whereas Ardoino will continue as the CTO for both Bitfinex and Holepunch.

Ardoino will also maintain his roles as the Chief Technology Officer for Bitfinex and Chief Strategy Officer for the Bitcoin layer-2 solution, Holepunch. For the time being, he will oversee the technology department at Tether.

This change in leadership, according to Tether, demonstrates the company’s dedication to actively exploring new business ventures, including peer-to-peer communications, renewable energy, resilient data storage, and Bitcoin mining.

Ardoino, who has been spearheading Tether’s expansion strategy in recent years, views this transition as a natural progression. The Tether spokesperson stated that under Paolo Ardoino’s leadership, Tether will continue its mission of providing financial services to those in need, reshaping the global finance landscape. They added that Paolo envisions Tether as a technology powerhouse set to revolutionize the industry and play a crucial role in building resilient cities and countries. Tether’s mission also encompasses expanding the influence of the USD and Bitcoin in global trade and exchange.

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