Partners With Toncoin For Smooth Travel Bookings

hands, shaking hands, company-3127297.jpg, a leading crypto-based online travel service, has announced a significant partnership with Toncoin. Developed by Telegram and enhanced by its community, Toncoin’s integration into marks a notable advancement in incorporating crypto into everyday services, particularly in the travel sector.

What Does the New Integration Offer?

With this integration, TON token holders can now access’s extensive services. These include booking options for over 2.2 million hotels in more than 230 countries, over 600 airlines, and 410,000 events. This extensive range of choices broadens the practical use of TON tokens, allowing users to incorporate crypto into their travel plans seamlessly.

The partnership increases the usage of TON tokens and aligns with’s mission to promote a more inclusive and decentralized travel economy. By enabling payments with TON, adds this token to its list of over 100 supported cryptos, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). This integration exemplifies the growing trend of cryptos becoming a viable alternative to conventional payment methods in various sectors.

How Will the Crypto Community Benefit?

Juan Otero, CEO of, expressed his excitement about the partnership, underlining’s commitment to advancing crypto adoption. He emphasized that this collaboration with Toncoin provides a new real-world application for TON tokens, a development that will fuel the crypto community’s growth.

Key Takeaways for Users

This strategic move not only supports the goals of both and Toncoin to foster broader acceptance and usage of crypto in daily transactions, but it also reassures the audience about the practical benefits of cryptos. By allowing TON token holders to book travel services, and Toncoin are demonstrating the growing potential of cryptos in the travel industry, instilling confidence in the future of crypto adoption.

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