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Alpaca Finance


Alpaca finance is a decentralized lending protocol that enables leveraged yield farming on the Binance smartchain and Fantom.
-It was founded in 2021 and is a subsidiary of ALPACA
-Alpaca finance utilizes the Binance Smart Chain as its blockchain platform.






Alpaca finance enables lenders to earn safe and efficient yields on their tokens and has the ability to provide borrowers with undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions.

Alpaca finance utilizes the extensive liquidity that integrated exchanges enable, which connects LP lenders and borrowers with the purpose of improving capital efficiency.

Alpha finance was a fair launch project and did not have any pre-existing investors, Presale and Pre-mine token allocation. It has now achieved $1Billion in Total value locked (TVL) as it still strives to develop partnerships with other protocols and add staking vaults.

Historical Price Movement (in INR)


Alpaca operates on the BInance Smart chain(BSC) platform, but its governance token is the ERC20 variety which enables participants to share in platform revenue in addition to decentralized governance.
In order to curb flash loans and manipulation of token prices, Alpaca finance is aided by Chainlink for its price oracle.
Alpaca uses BSC, therefore its programming languages are JavaScript, C#, C++, and Python.
Use of Native tokens in the ecosystem: ALPACA token is the cryptocurrency of Alpaca finance, which has 3 primary utilization among others
-xAlpaca token is utilized as a governance token which can be used for voting to dictate the direction of the protocol such as how protocol fees should be distributed to stakers. Fees are also accumulated from token burns beside the general protocol fees.
-Alpaca is designed to be inflationary in the long run due to its capacity to accumulate fees from token burns. Emissions are extremely controlled and tend to gradually decrease,regardless token burns will continue.
-Alpaca token burn is directly proportional to the utilization of the alpaca platform and the deflationary supply
-Alpaca token can be used to access exclusic farming opportunities through protocols with other platforms
-Alpaca is looking to integrate NFTs into their platform in the near future

Token Allocation

Alpaca finance does not have any pre-sale distribution as it is a fair project, the only way to earn ALPACA is by participating in the platform/protocol.

Volume (As of 10th april 2022)


Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Crowd Sales

Alpaca finance was a fair launch project that did not have pre-existing investors, presale or pre- mine, Although it seems that its parent company ALPACA has raised some funds possible through various crypto based subsidiary


30/08/2021-Series B-$50,000,000
15/10/2020-Series A-$10,000,000
08/11/2019-Series A-$06,000,000



Name of Organization

Alpaca Securities LLC

Year Incorporated


Registered Address

Oliaji Trade Centre – 1st Floor, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

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Founding Team
Hitoshi HaradaCo-Founder & CTOY combinatorKieo University25yrs
Yoshi YokoawaCo- Founder & CeoY combinatorKieo University31yrs
Daniel BerdichevskyFounder & Alpaca in-ChiefHarvard kennedy School -MPPStanford University - B.A, Science, technology and safety68yrs( across various organisations)