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A B.Tech graduate from Vadodara, left his comfortable job at Deloitte in 2016 and decided to unapologetically take a break to figure out why he felt limited doing his 16 Hr long corporate job. Instead of looking for another job, Naimish Sanghvi, a Tech & Finance consultant, decided to follow his passion and become a creator and an entrepreneur.

“I decided to take the voluntary break from work with a bank balance to survive a year without a job, a Macbook to write blogs, an iPhone to show off and a motorcycle to go around. While taking a career break is common in the West, in India we still consider it as a taboo. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try and use this time to rebuild myself.”

After taking a break from his corporate job at Deloitte Naimish had started a YouTube channel to make short funny videos and travel vlogs. His vlogs inspired people how to cultivate a growth mindset and showcase how with grit and resilience one has the power to carve out their own growth journey. Instead of keeping his experience to himself, he decided to document his adventurous journey of self discovery.

However, during that break, Naimish started working on a special project with Network18 as a junior producer. During his stint there he was inspired to learn about the new emerging technologies and global tech trends while interacting with several thought leaders in the tech space. However, his special project with Network18 never really kicked-off. Nevertheless he stated that “I learnt a lot that year but the workload became less rewarding for me to carry on. I had very less time to focus on my personal Vlogging. It felt like, I was back in the corporate jungle.

It was during that time, he first heard about Bitcoin because of the worldwide ‘WannaCry Ransomware Cyberattack’, demanding payments in Bitcoins. The news was covered by several mainstream media houses drawing mass attention to the the fact that Bitcoin is a valuable asset. Prior to this, Naimish had limited understanding of this space but he had observed that more and more institutions had started adopting to this transformative technology. In fact his former employer had started studying the potential implications of blockchain technology and its various used cases. He was intrigued!

“To be honest at first, I didn’t really understand the need for Bitcoin and what are the perks of a decentralized system. But the concept of Bitcoin in itself was fascinating to me, it introduced me to an exciting new world of blockchain and cryptos which has so much potential! You get to learn about so many new projects and innovation that is happening as we speak, in the tech space. And, if you are eager to learn, I would recommend you start by polishing your basic understanding of subjects like economics, statistics, global monetary reform policies before studying the basic classifications of cryptos. Investors need to carefully evaluate their rewards versus risks before investing in crypto.”

At the time, there were very few Indian media reporting on the developments happening in the crypto space with sound understanding of this space.  He realised that he had the scope to launch this news portal on crypto as he had the required knowledge and the necessary skill set to create quality content and declutter the FUD that exists in Indian mainstream media on crypto news reporting.Eventually, Naimish decided to launch his own media platform, to share verified updates on Crypto and blockchain developments happening globally.

Therefore, in the year 2018, he founded Coin Crunch, a global platform for blockchain news reporting with a mission to spread the truth about cryptocurrency and call out those who don’t.Through his continuous efforts with Coin Crunch, Naimish aspires to be the single most trusted news source in the subject of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. He advises that “All crypto traders need to understand that cryptocurrencies have cycles and it’s a volatile market. For example, the valuation of cryptos can go up to 600-700% in a year, and come down 90% in a few months depending on the demand & supply. It’s a high risk investment, so people should only invest what they can afford to keep for a long term, thinking they might even lose everything in play.”

Furthermore, he warns his followers to be mindful while investing in crypto and watch out for scammers and seek professional advice, while doing their due diligence before investing in cryptos.“While cryptos can be a good alternate investment option, your research and understanding of this space will help you to effectively strategise your investment plans and define your risk taking capacity. Since this space is not yet regulated in India, it is still a good environment for scammers to cheat uninformed investors. I have been scammed a lot too when I started off but I kept sharing my learnings with my community through my social handles and tried to help people with their queries.”

Naimish believes that crypto is slowly receiving mainstream adoption in India with over 1.5 crore Indians who have invested more than 15,000 Crores in Cryptos related assets. He is fascinated to be a part of a community of tech experts & crypto enthusiasts who are approachable. “Whether it’s the CEO of a billion dollar exchange or a small team of a unique crypto project. Everyone is in some way accessible to each other in the world of crypto. If you have genuine query, you can approach them directly on Twitter & Telegram and they will respond to you. Which is what I most love about this community and this space. I don’t mind putting in the same 15-16 Hrs of work when I am engaged with a passionate community like this.I see myself growing everyday and I get the necessary access and guidance to find solutions to complex issues related to crypto”.

He thinks that cryptos are here to stay. Countries who had previously tried to dismiss this technological advancement are now re-evaluating their opinion on cryptos. Some have started considering Bitcoin as ‘digital gold’. “Therefore, bureaucrats should be asking themselves. Can we really afford to miss out on this innovation? What if this is the next Internet? What if this is similar to our Green Revolution? which is now 100 years old but think of the positive impact it had on our economies.When one evaluates the risks versus rewards while investing in crypto, it is pretty clear that the rewards are far more higher and it could become a great alternative investment asset to boost our Indian economy.”

Naimish’s goal is to help as many people as he can in their journey with crypto. His secret to success has been his grit and resilience to carry on his vision, while staying humble and constantly curious to learn new things. He is ready to overcome the challenges he face that keeps him from following his passion. Today, with Coin Crunch, Naimish and his team have an important role to play to educate and inform people on the developments taking place in blockchain and crypto space in India. We wish him the very best!

Like him, crypto has become an indispensable part of the everyday lives of several individuals. What is  your crypto success story? Tag us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Be sure to include the hashtag #HumansOfCrypto.