Basic Crypto Guide

Learn the fundamentals of digital assets as well as its mechanics and legality in this basic crypto guide.


What You Will Learn


Candlesticks are an intriguing market analysis tool. Read on to understand more.
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Bear and bull market

Bull & Bear refer to the behavior of the markets. Read on to understand more about these terms.
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Lightning network

Lightning Network is an additional layer in blockchain networks. Read on to know more.
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staking pool

Multiple stakeholders combine their computational resources to form a staking pool. Read on.
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Mainnet and Mainnet swap

Mainnet, Mainnet Swap, Test net; what are these terms? Read on to learn now.
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Golden cross

A golden cross on the chart? Learn more about Golden Cross, read on.
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Gas fee and Gas limit

Gas Fee & Gas Limit are essential for investors in the ETH Network. Read on to learn more.
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Bitcoin and Altcoin

Confused between Bitcoin and Altcoins? Read on to understand more.
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Buy Wall and Sell Wall

Buy & sell walls are market conditions created by Whales. Read on to know more.
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