Crypto Week-in-Review


BTC Price Shakes Again

Bitcoin experiences another round of downside volatility, resulting in significant long liquidations. Unclear catalysts for the dip prompt speculation, with suggestions ranging from mainstream media hit pieces to crypto-specific news.

The absence of a simultaneous stock market dip indicates a crypto-specific event potentially unrelated to macroeconomic trends. BTC’s rejection from the Bollinger Band Moving Average on the daily chart raises concerns among traders. The outcome of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) print is anticipated to influence BTC’s future direction.

Optimism Related to Ethereum ETF

Ethereum sits at a crucial juncture, with its weekly Bollinger Band Moving Average indicating significant implications for its future trajectory. Recent statements from BlackRock and JP Morgan suggest optimism regarding the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs despite SEC labeling concerns. Asset managers adjust their ETF applications, potentially signaling confidence in approval prospects.

Approval of Ethereum ETFs could trigger a surge in institutional interest, impacting Ethereum and other large-cap altcoins.

AI-related Cryptos Recovery Rally

AI-related cryptos show signs of resurgence, buoyed by announcements from OpenAI and expectations of technological advancements. Positive earnings reports from AI chip manufacturers like TSMC could further fuel the rally in AI cryptos.

OpenAI’s upcoming releases, including Sora and GPT-5, offer catalysts for continued growth in AI-related sectors. Attention shifts to earnings reports and CPI data, which could influence the trajectory of AI stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Top Performing Cryptos

TON Coin, RNDR, Thorchain, ASH Network, and Casper emerge as last week’s top-performing cryptos.

Catalysts such as upcoming releases, ecosystem developments, and listing speculations contribute to price surges. The charts have revealed bullish patterns, including bull flags, cup and handle formations, and potential price targets for each cryptocurrency.

Analysts highlight potential investment opportunities in AI-related cryptos and other top performers, emphasizing the importance of market research and risk assessment.

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