Interpol Nigeria Bolsters Cybersecurity with Virtual Asset Training Amid Rising Cybercrime Trends

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Interpol Nigeria has stepped up its cybersecurity efforts with specialized virtual asset training sessions to tackle the rise in cybercrime. The conference, which took place in Abuja, brought together local intelligence players and cybersecurity specialists to plan strategies against digital offenses, especially those employing stablecoins.

The program, led by blockchain expert Chioma Onyekelu, was designed to provide Interpol officers with sophisticated blockchain analysis abilities so they could find and prosecute cybercriminals using cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin and stablecoins. As fraudsters use digital assets more and more, Interpol is working to improve its capacity to deal with new threats.

The senior partner of A&D Forensics, Adedeji Owonibi, stressed the need for this kind of training in light of Nigeria’s growing cybercrime situation. Notably, Owonibi emphasized the government’s right to protect national security interests in the face of current disputes about the cybersecurity tax.

The training occurs amid regulatory reforms, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s crackdown on crypto exchanges and the Central Bank of Nigeria’s requirement for taxes on electronic transactions. Despite legal obstacles, the International Monetary Fund has supported Nigeria’s adoption of cryptocurrencies, pointing out that cybersecurity and digital asset regulation are intricate fields.

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