Ethereum Name Service Partners With GoDaddy .eth Name Pairing At No Cost

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Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a pioneering blockchain-based naming system, has entered into a strategic partnership with the renowned domain name registrar and web hosting service, GoDaddy Inc. This collaboration aims to seamlessly connect ENS-enabled names to web domains, catering to users with limited technical expertise.

ENS serves the crucial role of simplifying intricate blockchain wallet addresses, often consisting of up to 40 alphanumeric characters, into easily memorable human-readable names. Instead of grappling with complex codes during cryptocurrency transactions, users can now effortlessly recall names like “paul.eth” or “thisismydomain.eth.”

Drawing parallels, GoDaddy has historically provided a comparable service for Internet Protocol addresses through the Domain Name Service (DNS), translating machine-readable IP addresses into user-friendly counterparts. This collaboration not only streamlines the process for cryptocurrency users but also eliminates the deterrent of high gas fees, which previously hindered the migration of domain names to ENS.

Paul Nicks, President of Domains at GoDaddy, hailed this development as the “fusion of domain names and blockchain technologies,” emphasizing its positive impact on both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

ENS facilitated the cost-free transition by introducing new smart contracts for the resolution process, allowing DNS domain holders to exercise greater control over their decentralized identities. The innovation extends to ENS deploying blockchain smart contracts, enabling owners of DNS domain names to use them as names in the ENS system. This groundbreaking approach enables traditional domain names, from “.com” to “.net,” to serve as web addresses and links to decentralized profiles and wallet addresses.

ENS envisions enhancing trust in digital identities by fostering a connection between domain names and crypto wallets. This linkage is poised to build a vital bridge between various digital properties, further solidifying the integration of conventional web services with blockchain technology.

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