Google Search Now Displays Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domain Wallet Balances

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Google has extended its support for Ethereum wallet balances to encompass Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains, enhancing user accessibility within the crypto space.

The expansion, disclosed by former ENS core team member Brantly Millegan via a post on X [formerly Twitter], reflects Google’s commitment to streamlining user interactions with blockchain assets.

ENS simplifies crypto transactions by assigning human-readable domains like example.eth to Ethereum wallets, replacing intricate wallet addresses with memorable names. Google initially introduced support for Ethereum wallet balances in May 2023, enabling users to view wallet balances directly in search results. Expanding on this, Google now includes ENS domains in its functionality.

Users can now search for ENS domains such as Vitalik.eth, with Google providing associated blockchain addresses and current wallet balances sourced from Etherscan. However, some users have reported inconsistencies, noting that the feature may not consistently appear in search results. Millegan suggested the functionality is more reliable in private browsing mode or when logged out of Google services.

Google’s foray into crypto integration has gained traction, evidenced by its Ethereum Merge celebration in 2022 and its revised crypto advertising policy. The latter now includes “Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts,” allowing investors access to shares in trusts holding digital assets. Notably, this enables products like Bitcoin ETFs from major asset managers like BlackRock to feature in relevant search results.
The recent integration aligns with ENS’s transition to a fully decentralized model and its partnerships with industry giants like GoDaddy. Jeff Lau, an ENS developer, emphasized the importance of humanizing web3 by providing intuitive solutions for complex blockchain functionalities.

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