Push Protocol Launches Wallet-to-Wallet Video Chat To Improve Communication

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In January 2022, Push Protocol launched with push notifications on Ethereum. Since then, it has expanded to Polygon and BNB Chain.

In October 2022, Push Protocol debuted Push Chat, a wallet-to-wallet messaging protocol, during the Devcon conference in Bogota. Since then, more than 85,000 users and 500+ integrations have used Push Protocol to send over 30 million messages.

The newest product in the Push Protocol family, Push Video, builds on the popularity of Push Chat and Push Notifications. 

Push Protocol mentioned decentralized video chat in their 2020 whitepaper as being on their timeline and an obvious element of the Web3 communication stack they designed, starting with notifications.

How can you get started?

Getting started with Push Video is very simple. Users can easily link their MetaMask (or their preferred wallet) by going to app.push.org.

They can use their wallet address or ENS name to look for the person they wish to video contact after selecting “Push Chat” from the left navigation bar. 

Users must first be friends to make a call, which they can do by initiating a text chat. They are all geared to have a secure video call once the other party accepts the message request.

Push Protocol will stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that allow people to connect, interact, and communicate with one another in a safe, secure, and decentralized way as the Web3 world develops.

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