Solana Gets Hit By Another Network Outage And Technical Issues

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Key Highlights: 

  • For several hours, on-chain transactions were suspended or delayed.
  • Operators on the blockchain are working on relaunching the network.

Since 2020 and into 2022, Solana outages have been relatively frequent. The network would occasionally pause to fix issues. For instance, on June 1, nondeterminism impacted the mainnet and prevented further network development.

Yet over the weekend in 2023, there was a network outage on the Solana blockchain. On February 25, a technical problem caused the Solana network to experience a network slowdown. The difficulty that arose during the upgrade from version 1.13 to 1.14 was addressed on the official Twitter account. The crew added that a planned restart is in progress.

“The network experienced a significant slowdown in block production that coincided with an upgrade to validator software. Engineers are still conducting a root cause analysis,” noted Solana’s compass website.

About Solana

A layer-1 open-source blockchain is Solana. Smart contracts and the development of decentralized applications are made possible by the network architecture of its third generation. The 2017 cryptocurrency boom saw the introduction of the Solana blockchain. Before the main network was formally launched in 2020, the project’s internal testnet was made available in 2018. After that, there were various testnet phases.

Not the first network outage

Network outages have been a problem for Solana in the past. The network experienced a brief disruption in September 2021 due to what the protocol’s Twitter handle called “resource fatigue.” In December 2021, the network made headlines again when it became clear that congestion and technical issues had caused another slowdown. A 48-hour outage that devastated the Solana network just one month later, in January 2022, forced some users who had taken out loans to sell their assets.

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