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Find high volume traders on XID order book

By November 28, 2018March 22nd, 20222 minute read

Namaste Tribe! We know that you love surprises, so here’s one for the high volume traders on WazirX P2P who want to execute their trades faster! Say hello to WazirX’s newest feature — XID order book!

What is it?

It’s an innovative way for high volume traders to execute their P2P orders in the least number of trades! How? Well, keep reading. XID order book displays orders with volume of at least 500 USDT, i.e., high-volume orders only.

If you have an XID, and you place a buy or sell order of minimum 500 USDT on WazirX P2P, your order will appear in the XID order book. This will give more power to you, and increase the chances of your maker order getting matched with similar high volume taker orders!

XID order book = XID + High volume trades + Faster execution 💣

How does it work?

Let’s say you place a sell order of 600 USDT on WazirX P2P and your XID is “nakamoto”:

  1. Your sell order will appear along with your XID in the XID order book
  2. Traders looking to buy over 500 USDT in less number of trades will spot your order and match with you
  3. If you end up selling 500 USDT out of the 600 USDT, the remaining 100 USDT will be hidden from the XID order book. It will continue to be visible in the P2P order book along with the rest orders.

XID order book will bring a huge relief to high volume traders, and we’re super excited about you using it! Read more about it our Helpdesk article.

What do you think of this feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Siddharth Menon, Co-founder & Head of Product — WazirX. The world needs to get on to the crypto evolution asap. Follow me on Twitter
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