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India Millennials – Big Blockchain Innovations

By May 24, 2021February 16th, 20222 minute read

CNBC-TV18 in conversation with Dr. Shruti Rajagopalan

With uncertainties surrounding the Crypto community in India, there are various global learnings that the Indian regulators can consider. The debate right now is not about digital vs. analog or digital vs. fiat currency. It is more about regulating the market as a whole. However, what everyone needs to understand is that we need to look beyond Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Here, blockchain is an exciting space for the Indian future.

On these lines, in the eight-episode of ’Digital Assets Of The Future – Crypto’, Dr. Shruti Rajagopalan has firmly put forward how important it is to consider the numerous benefits of Blockchain technology and how important it is to leverage it to the fullest. The technology backing blockchain can create consensus about the actual state of a ledger or account.

In this episode, you can get answers to questions like:

  • How is India interpreting the concept of blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency?
  • Why did Indians choose to invest in Crypto assets during demonetization?
  • What is the future of Crypto and blockchain in India? 
  • With multiple Crypto exchanges already in the market, what could be the possible next steps by the regulators?
  • From the investor’s perspective, is Crypto an asset class, a payment mechanism, or a trading opportunity?
  • How important is it to consider the efficiency of blockchain technology associated while buying Crypto?

Considering Cryptocurrency for a quick appreciation is like having a limited view of the same. If we consider Cryptocurrency more broadly and consider blockchain as the technology, the entire set-up can be way more than just an asset class or a trading opportunity!

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender and is currently unregulated. Kindly ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading cryptocurrencies as they are often subject to high price volatility. The information provided in this section doesn't represent any investment advice or WazirX's official position. WazirX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change this blog post at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
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