Wazirx warriors

You know WazirX has been on a mission to make crypto accessible to Indian masses. We have been treading on this mission for over two years now, and we are grateful for the support that the Indian Crypto Community has given us.

You have taken our mission forward. Now we want to officially recognize you and we will work harder for the Indian Crypto community. Because we are just getting started.

Here is how we can do it.

Become a “WazirX Crypto Warrior” and be a part of the community that is making crypto accessible in India.

As a part of this program, here is what you would do:

  • Knowledge
    • First, understanding Bitcoin and Crypto is the most important thing. We will help you gain this knowledge. It is a vast subject and no one understands all of it.
    • Second, know WazirX well. Understand our values, know our mission, and our portal/apps/services well
  • Be a Crypto Educator for the people around you. This means:
    • Telling them facts. Not “selling” crypto to them
    • Protecting them from scams
    • Guiding them about safeguarding their funds
    • Spreading crypto awareness without selling them any token (no one does that, you know!)
  • Organize
    • Organize meetups in your city / town
    • Attend crypto/blockchain events (offline and online)
    • Organize webinars
    • Organize campus reach-outs
  • Online activity
    • Create content: Status updates, facts, memes, videos. Create content that people want
    • Be active on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp groups, Telegram groups
    • Create memes. Memes are Education in 2020
    • Answer questions on Quora
    • Be a Warrior (show it off)
    • Create videos and explainers in your own language
    • Follow each other
    • Create more memes
    • Help each other out. Retweet, Like, Share. Work like a group
    • Help us connect with influencers for campaigns. You have direct access to the marketing team
    • Did I mention creating memes?
    • Spread the word in colleges around you
    • Organize contests
    • Reach out to Crypto / blockchain Education providers so we can support them
    • Show us the memes
  • Show off
    • Show how many people you helped, how many questions you answered
    • Take screenshots, click pictures, record videos when you explain Crypto to people
    • Send it to us, so we can showcase it to the world
    • Tell us how you introduced the world to Crypto

As a part of our army, this is what you will get:

  • Learn and enhance your understanding of Crypto from some of the best minds in the country
  • Get training and reading materials
  • Full access to Binance Academy
  • You will know of the developments at WazirX before anyone else
  • Direct access to the WazirX marketing team. Think creatively 😉
  • Be a leader in your city / town / area / campus / company
  • Get access to write articles on the WazirX blog (WazirX has a reach of 3 million impressions per month!)
  • Made a great video? We will post and/or share on WazirX channels
  • Your content + WazirX’s social media reach. You get the gist!
  • Get special passes to our events
  • Get invited to our offline meets
  • WazirX Crypto merchandise 😀
  • Represent WazirX in events and conferences
  • Get trained to be a speaker/host for our events
  • Recognition on social media
  • Have an army of Warriors to support you

Most importantly, you will make history by being part of the team that brought Crypto to India: India’s Crypto Army.

This initiative is beyond money. But here are some rewards to add to the fire:

  • Get Rewards ranging from $10 to $1000. Details will be disclosed after you join the program
  • Get Rewards for every meetup/webinar you organize
  • Every article/video/content that you create
  • Every connect to media/influencer
  • Every partnership lead that is closed
  • Every contest that you organize
  • Every “Education Partner” that you connect us to
  • The referral bonus for everyone who signs up through you (Referral scheme: https://wazirx.com/referral)
  • Many more rewards. Full details will be disclosed once you join the program 🙂

How’s the josh?