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Month in Review — December, 2018

By January 3, 20193 minute read

Namaste Tribe! Happy new year to you! After a spectacular ending to the year, we’re pumped about kickstarting 2019 with brand new feature updates, improvements, and taking WazirX to the moon together — with all of you! 💪

[Ongoing] WRX milestone 1

Reach 50 BTC consistent daily trade volume

Good news 💥 December was the closest we’d come to hitting our milestone! We crossed 50 BTC trading volume on most days, and even crossed 200 BTC once, but we also saw a lull in the market for over 4 days at once.

Let’s make January the month when cross 50 BTC every day and ultimately, hit our milestone! Call it new year optimism if you may, but we believe that we’ll make it happen very soon!🤞 Keep trading, tribe!

What happened last month

[Done] Twitter contests & giveaways: In December, we ran multiple contests for our Twitter community on topics like guessing the closing price of a crypto in our USDT market, or guessing our newest feature, and we’re glad that we saw huge participation from you all! The competition was tough, and we gave away over ₹2,000 worth of XRP as bounty to the winners!

[Done] Better, faster P2P: While most of our under-the-hood improvements have been tough to explain without getting highly technical, this one feature isn’t! The “Pending Actions” feature will make trading on P2P better and faster for you! You can find this feature in your “Open Orders” on P2P, and keep a track of your pending payments (buyers) or pending confirmations (sellers). Yay for all of us!

[Done] 2FA for authenticator apps: You wanted it, and you’ve got it! You can now set up a two-factor authentication (2FA) on WazirX via two methods — SMS/Email or Authenticator apps. Currently, 2FA via SMS/Email is on for every user by default. You can use authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Authy to set up 2FA on WazirX by following the steps mentioned in our Helpdesk article. Read more about it here.

[Done] NPXS Airdrop credit: In line with the new method, we successfully credited the NPXS tokens unlocked in November to all the eligible holders. WazirX is an official Pundi X exchange partner, and has the highest liquidity of NPXS in India! Read more about the new airdrop method here.

What we’re building

[Ongoing] New blockchain: Yes it’s happening and we’re super excited! We plan to add more coins and blockchains this year, and you can tweet your suggestions to us @WazirXIndia or let us know in the comments!

Some highlights:

  1. Our Community Support team finished solving 25,000+ emails!
  2. We crossed 200 BTC in 24-hour trading volume in December 🚀

3. We got featured in the list of FinTech Startups to watch out for in 2019 👀

4. We got amazing reviews like this:

5. Check out this video we put together containing 2018 highlights:

Something to add

I’ve been tweeting to our government and authorities for over 2 months now. You can find all the tweets I’ve posted as a part of my campaign in the Twitter Moments called #IndiaWantsCrypto. Please like, RT, and spread the word. Let’s make our voices heard!

Also, last month, several popular news sites reported that the Indian government plans to regulate crypto, and if this happens soon, we all will have a great reason to celebrate! I’m confident that our government wouldn’t want to hold back Indian youth from participating in, and being at the forefront of this global phenomenon. 2019 is our year! 💯

Jai Hind!

Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve every Indian in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter
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