Month in Review – March 2021

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Namaste Tribe! March was a ray of hope for the Indian crypto ecosystem. While we were waiting for the crypto bill to be presented in the Parliament, our Finance Minister offered us clarity by saying that India is going to take a calibrated view on crypto. This approach will give us ample room to innovate and grow the crypto ecosystem. At WazirX, we’re always innovating and working hard to ensure that India not only participates in crypto, but also stays at the forefront of this revolution! ?

What happened last month

[Done] WRX/INR trading contest: To celebrate our third birthday, we conducted a trading competition for WRX/INR. It was a 48-hours long trading marathon where we gave away ₹5,00,000 worth WRX among top 120 traders. Read more

[Done] 8 new USDT pairs: In January, we added eight new tokens in our USDT market. You can now buy, sell, trade BAL, KSM, HBAR, BNT, RSR, GRT, LUNA, and 1INCH in our USDT market. Happy trading!

[Done] HBAR/INR listing & giveaway: We listed Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) on WazirX, and gave away $25,000 worth HBAR via a host of activities like AMA with SVP – Partners & Industries at Hedera Hashgraph, Highest Trader Kaun, Quiz Time with WazirX, and HBAR Trivia contest on Instagram! Read more

[Done] 6 new INR pairs: Last month, we added six tokens to our INR (fiat) market! You can now buy, sell, trade CHR, MANA, ZIL, ETC, HBAR, and 1INCH in our INR market. Deposit INR instantly on WazirX, and start trading your favourite pairs!

[Done] 4 new WRX pairs: In January, we also added four new token listings in our WRX market. You can now buy, sell, trade ENJ, DOGE, MATIC, and ADA in our WRX market for ZERO fee. Happy trading!

[Done] 1INCH/INR listing & giveaway: We listed 1inch (1INCH) on WazirX, and gave away $15,000 worth 1INCH via a host of activities like AMA with Co-founder of 1inch Network, Highest Trader Kaun, Quiz Time with WazirX, and 1INCH Trivia contest on Instagram! Read more

What we’re building

[Ongoing] NFT Marketplace: We’re launching decentralized NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell, trade digital assets and intellectual properties, including art pieces, audio files, videos, programs & even tweets. Pre-register for it here. Join our Telegram channel here.

[Ongoing] AMM Protocol: There have been unforeseen delays in some of the protocols that our DEX is dependent upon. This is preventing us from going live. At this moment, we don’t have an ETA on how long this will take. Be assured that we’re working very hard with the protocol team to expedite the process.

[Ongoing] New tokens: We’ll be listing more tokens on WazirX in the coming weeks. Got any suggestions? Please tweet to us @WazirXIndia

[Ongoing] Faster KYC: We have been seeing a sudden and huge surge in new signups on WazirX. We are working hard to ensure KYC approval is expedited.

Some highlights

In March 2021, WazirX recorded a monthly volume of $2.4 Billion USD ?

WazirX got featured on several media platforms:

Something to add

As an industry, we’re reaching out to the Government and the regulators in the country. We have solutions to all the concerns around crypto and at the same time we can ensure India stays competitive in this sector. In the meantime, I request YOU to do your bit, and keep busting the myths and misinformation around crypto. Let’s win!

Jai Hind ??

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