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Play Creepts Game with $5,000 CTSI Giveaway

By May 29, 20202 minute read

Namaste Tribe! Earlier this week, WazirX had listed Cartesi in our USDT market, and given away ₹3,78,000 worth CTSI in a trading contest marathon. Now, WazirX and Cartesi have partnered for Creepts tournament, and we’re giving away $5,000 worth CTSI! 💪

Creepts is a thrilling decentralized tower defense tournament game built on top of Cartesi’s Layer 2 solution for blockchain.

When is the tournament?

  • Start Time: June 1st at 5 PM IST
  • End Time: June 4th at 5 PM IST
  • Map will be announced shortly before the tournament

How can I participate?

  1. Log in to WazirX and get your WazirX Referral ID
  2. Go to
  3. Play the game and compete for the highest score
  4. When the game is over, enter your alphanumeric WazirX Referral ID


  • Please use the alphanumeric referral code only (no links) on the referral homepage.
  • You can replay the game as many times as you wish in an attempt to achieve a higher score.
  • More instructions on
Example of a Referral Code


The tournament will consist of the top 1000 users submitted and verified scores.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rewards are set at a rate of 1 CTSI = 0.037 USD.
  • Rewards are allocated based on the final rankings of the round.
  • Users will be required to be registered and KYC verified on WazirX, to be able to participate and receive a reward.
  • CTSI rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the contest ends. Users can log in and see their rewards via their WazirX account after the distribution is completed.
  • Distribution of CTSI will be handled by the WazirX Team.
  • Each user’s gameplay data will be submitted after each game. Data may be used to check for malicious actors or be used for marketing purposes.
  • The external Creept’s high-score page may not reflect the actual final results, winners or placements and should only be taken as a “score” reference for players. This page is managed by the Cartesi team.
  • WazirX reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules and/or terms at their sole discretion.
  • WazirX reserves the right to disqualify participants should they display attributes of malpractice.

Report Issues

If you encounter any technical issues during the gameplay, please contact the technical support team at or

Good luck, people 🖖

Priyanka works at WazirX, and is HODLing like most of us.
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