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Smart Token Fund on WazirX

By August 30, 2019March 23rd, 20222 minute read
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Namaste Tribe! We started WazirX with the mission of involving everyone in the blockchain revolution. It makes me happy to see that we have come a long way by becoming India’s largest and the most-trusted cryptocurrency exchange today. We’re still in the early days of fulfilling our mission and we constantly look for crucial problems to solve for the crypto world. 🙌

Ever since we launched WazirX, several people have reached out to me asking me for trading tips and advice. Many of our users also write to our team saying that they don’t understand how to trade cryptocurrency, and if we can help them understand how to do it. There’s an exceptionally large number of people out there who don’t have time to trade, don’t know which token to trade or how to trade. These barriers are holding them back from investing in cryptos, and in turn preventing them from participating in this amazing revolution.

We wanted to find the simplest way possible to bring onboard the next million people into crypto.

At WazirX, we love challenges. We brainstormed, ideated, and finally came up with an innovative solution that helps people make an easy entry into the crypto world — Smart Token Fund (STF)! 💪

What is STF?

STF is a simplified community-driven initiative where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can find smart traders, and let them grow their cryptocurrency portfolio on WazirX. We have an existing community of pro traders who can trade with the funds of new entrants and in return, earn a certain percentage of the profits they make.

STF will democratise cryptocurrency trading expertise for everyone.

Love it? Click here to tell everyone about STF! 🚀

STF for Traders

As an STF Trader, you will get to create your own unique Smart Token and let your friends, and followers buy it. You will be able to trade with investors’ cryptocurrency, and manage their portfolio.

In return, you get to keep a percentage of the profits you make for the users. It’s a win-win!

We’re giving early access to selective expert traders!

Apply to become a part of the first batch of STF Traders by clicking here.

STF for Investors

You can choose the right STF Trader based on the tokens they trade, their trading history, performance, and more. You can buy into the STF Trader’s Smart Token. In return, the STF Trader will use their expertise, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio like their own. You will be able to track the growth of their cryptocurrency portfolio.

You can enter and exit any time, there’s no lock-in.

Your funds are secure because STF Traders can only trade with your cryptocurrency, and cannot withdraw the funds.

If you follow any YouTuber, blogger, or have friends who are smart traders, invite them to apply for STF here.

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Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve everyone in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter
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