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Week 10 & 11 : 3.6 Million WRX distributed + Crypto to Crypto pairs coming soon!

By May 28, 20183 minute read

Namaste Tribe! I hope all of you are super happy with the WRX being displayed inside WazirX now. It’s been one of the most requested feature until now and we’re glad we finally have it within WazirX.

Of the 150 Million WRX that we’ve reserved for our tribe (YOU!), we’ve successfully distributed 3.6 Million WRX. Do make the most of this opportunity and invite more of your friends in order to earn more WRX for yourself and your friends.

Our next step is to list WRX on WazirX for trading but we have a few milestones to cross before we do that. It’s important we cross these milestones in order to make sure WRX gets a great response at the time of listing. The first milestone as I revealed here is to reach 50 BTC in total daily trading volume consistently. We need your patience and your support in helping us achieve this (please ask all your friends to trade on WazirX!).

What happened last two weeks

  1. [Done] WRX: Super excited about this. You can now see your WRX balance within WazirX. WRX for contests gets credited automatically for all participants as well. No more waiting for WRX!
  2. [Done] New Web Interface: We’ve been getting some great feedback from all of you about the new web interface. It’s sleeker and more streamlined. “My orders” has been spruced up to allow you some really cool features such as “cancel & modify order”, “copy order” etc.
  3. [Done] New Coin Listings: We listed STORM, REQ, ICX, POLY and OMG in the last 2 weeks. We’ll continue to list new coins every week.
  4. [Done] Android improvements: We launched quite a few improvements to Android in our last update. You might have noticed that the home screen has changed a bit. We now have tabs at the bottom. This has been done so that when we launch crypto to crypto, you’ll be able to switch between different markets easily. We’ve also launched search feature in this version so that you can easily search for your favorite coins to trade. As our coin list grows, this gets even more important.
  5. [Done] Hide low balances (Android): You can now hide coins that have zero or negligible balances in the funds section. This helps you stay focused on working with coins that you actively transfer in and out of WazirX.

What we’re building this week

  1. New Coin listings: We plan to launch 4 new coins this week. Watch out for the announcement tomorrow!
  2. EOS Token Swap: We fully support the EOS token swap and we’ll be working on moving your EOS tokens from the current ERC20 to EOS mainnet. We also support Tron (TRX) token swap which we’ll work on as and when they launch their mainnet.
  3. Crypto Trading Pairs: We’ve been asked this often! Will we be bringing crypto to crypto trading on WazirX? The answer is YES! We’ve been working on that and preparing WazirX for crypto to crypto trading! We’re taking extra care to ensure all of you can trade with the same confidence as you trade in INR pairs today. I’m sure you’re going to love this when we launch it. We don’t have a launch date yet, we’ll announce as soon as we’re ready.

While these are the features and improvements we’re actively working on, we constantly work towards improving a lot of the product internally. These are changes that may not be apparent but they help in making sure that your WazirX experience gets better every week.

We’re always listening to you. If you ever have any feature requests then feel free to let us know on Twitter. We read each and every reply we receive on Twitter.

We’re super excited about bringing crypto to crypto trading to everyone in India. But we want to ensure it’s built with Indians in mind. We’ve been ideating a lot on this and we believe we can get maximum Indians to trade on WazirX’s crypto to crypto markets when we launch. Of course, this cannot be done without your help, tribe. Let’s do this 💪

Jai Hind!

Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve every Indian in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter
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