Week 8 & 9 : Contest Leaderboard + New web interface

By May 17, 20183 minute read

Namaste Tribe! Hope things are going good with you. We’ve been having a stellar week releasing new coins every day and new features as well. We know you love Highest Trader Kaun and we’ll be improving it further as we progress!

In the last two weeks we listed BAT, GNT, ZRX, SUB and NULS on WazirX! We’ve increased the speed of new coin listing now and intend to increase it further in the coming weeks. We know that each of you want a different type of coin and we’ll make sure we get all the coins that our tribe asks for!

What happened last two weeks

  1. [Done] Contest Leaderboard: WazirX is the first crypto exchange in India to launch a comprehensive contest leaderboard. We continue to innovate in the crypto space in India. Highest Trader Kaun has been yet another innovative contest that every trader on WazirX has been loving.
  2. [Done] Notification Phase 1: We’ve finished Phase 1 of notifications. This was mostly internal work that helps us get our notification service ready for you. We believe a great notification system will help you trade more smartly and efficiently. Timing the market is the most important aspect of trading and when we have the notification feature launched, you’ll realize how much more efficient you can be as a trader!
  3. [Done] Internal code improvements Phase 1: We’ve been working on improving our systems internally and we’ve been able to complete some good quality work. Every once a while we have to do these internal improvements so that the product experience stays fast.

What we’re building this week

  1. [Ongoing] WRX: I know it’s been delayed but integrating WRX into WazirX is not a small task. We have tens of thousands of users who have earned WRX and they have earned it in different ways (signups, referrals, contests etc.). We have to make sure we cover all the cases and credit the WRX accordingly. This is taking longer than expected but we’re now in the final stages of WRX integration.
  2. New Web Interface: This is already done and I’m sure you’ve seen this already. I hope you liked the new web interface. We’ve made it such that you can access more coins and also view everything in the same single view without needing to scroll or click anything. We’ll continue to tweak and make the web interface better every week.
  3. New Contest: After Highest Trader Kaun’s success, we’re now working on our next concept. Our aim is to continue experimenting with various types of contests to ensure that our tribe loves trading and also gets to accumulate more coins through the various contests. If you have more ideas around the contest then feel free to mention that in the comments below. I would love to hear more ideas!
  4. Dark Mode for Web: We’ve started work on bringing dark mode for the web. However, this is going to take a few weeks since there’s a lot of internal house keeping that the web team has to do (making the code ready for themes, some optimization of code etc.). This is going to take time but when we do launch, you’re going to love it.

My Thoughts

The RBI circular has caused some turbulence in India for cryptocurrencies. We’re hoping that RBI reconsiders this decision and waits for the Government to come up with clarity around cryptos. Many countries around the world including US, Japan, France etc. have taken a different approach, where they’ve started taking baby steps towards regulation of cryptos. This is the best way for countries to ensure that they stay relevant in the cryptocurrency space. I really hope India takes cue from other forward looking nations around how to handle cryptos and helps the crypto community of India to flourish and grow. I cannot emphasize enough on how valuable Blockchain and Cryptocurrency would be for our country if we look at this ten years from now. Let’s all work towards making India a crypto first nation. If all of us keep the crypto flame burning, the government will definitely hear us and do the right thing.

Jai Hind!

Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve every Indian in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter
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