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What is Bombcrypto?

By July 11, 2022July 14th, 20225 minute read
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For the most part of the history of home video gaming, games have served as simply a means of entertainment and a way to unwind after a long day at work. However, a new generation of video games is employing blockchain technology such as NFTs to reward players with cryptocurrency.

Bombcrypto is one such P2E game that combines a Bomberman-style gameplay experience with blockchain-based NFT collectibles. Players may collect, fight and trade monsters for real money. The game was developed by Senspark, a Vietnamese independent game development company created in 2011.

Lately, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this P2E game, and it’s worth taking a look into how the game works and what it has to offer.

Inside Bombcrypto – How Can I Make Money With It?

BomB Crypto was released in 2021 and currently only offers Treasure Hunt mode, a pay-to-win feature in which players may buy and acquire heroes to hunt for BCOIN tokens. If you’re familiar with the classic gameplay of Hudson’s Bomberman game, you’ll recognize the mechanics in this game.

In Treasure Hunt mode, players can send their heroes to mining zones to set explosives in order to demolish blocks and find BCOIN. These heroes may function autonomously without the need for players to continually oversee them, saving time. It’s worth noting that the hero uses up energy every time a bomb is detonated.

When their energy is depleted, they undergo a resting state to replenish. The energy charging speed will improve if the player acquires an in-game “house”. In a way, it’s semi-passive because characters move around on their own, but you have to manually turn them on after your stamina has been refilled.

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Other options include a story mode that will allow players to participate in a structured level format that will entail battling monsters that can drop BCOINs. The other mode is Battle Mode, which allows users to compete against other people. To enter, players must not only have a specific sort of energy, but they must also pay a certain sum of tokens as an entry fee. The final winners receive the majority of the losers’ chips.

To sum it up, the game modes are as follows:

  • The Arena Battle

Players select a hero to participate in a bomb war with multiple other players. In fight mode, users must spend a set quantity of tokens, and the winner receives the total amount of the loser’s token. When engaging in fight mode, your hero will also lose some energy.

  • Managing Heroes

Users may earn new heroes by participating in rescue missions. On some maps, there is a small possibility that users will come upon a prison block with a bomber hero locked inside. After completing the rescue operation, you will be given a depleted hero who must be recovered before being utilized again.

  • The Story Mode

Bomberland is a serene land where the residents live exceedingly calmly and joyfully. But then a wicked power arrived to attack Bomberland. He damaged woods, detained individuals, and took BCOIN, the people’s property. To return peace to the nation, the kingdom’s scientists investigated and constructed heroic characters that could form a team to rescue BCOIN and the people while fighting the armies of evil’s minions.

The Bomber Heroes

In BombCrypto, each player has a squad of heroes with differing abilities. Each of these characters is an NFT, allowing the player to shift and swap their heroes more freely. Character heroes are classified as common, uncommon, ultra-rare, epic, or legendary. They also have five distinct statistics:

Power: The hero’s destructive ability.

Stamina: The length of time the hero may be active before “resting”;

Speed: The rate at which the bomber moves over the game map.

Bomb Num: The number of bombs that may be put on the map;

Bomb range: blast destruction distance

The rarer the hero, the more powerful its stats. Furthermore, each hero can have none, one, or more passive talents, such as regaining more stamina, causing more damage, and many others.

You may develop heroes by eating other heroes using the upgrade feature. The player chooses one hero to enhance and one to discard. In an update, different rarity heroes can be employed, but the level must be the same.

How to Acquire a Bomber Hero?

Hero characters may be obtained in three ways: hero rescue, shop purchase, and market auction.

On some maps, users may earn additional heroes by completing rescue missions. It’s rare to discover a hero in a jail block, but they do exist. Players can also earn a depleted hero after finishing the rescue mission, which must be restored for a while before being utilized again. Do keep in mind that Prison Blocks may only be found in Treasure Hunt Mode.

Users may also use BCOIN to purchase character heroes from the in-game store; however, the amount of heroes available is relatively limited. New heroes, like those who have been rescued, need time to recover.

Finally, the P2P marketplace allows users to purchase and trade NFT products as well as hero characters. It will assist players in earning in-game incentives and increasing game assets and liquidity. BCOIN is the sole currency in this market.

What’s BCOIN?

BCOIN, Bomb Crypto’s native utility coin, is utilized to play, exchange, and trade on the ecosystem. Furthermore, the token allows token holders to participate in the game’s development. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 standard Token holders may earn in-game incentives and VIP status by staking the BCOIN token. These VIP benefits represent an increasing level of incentive for the user. Users can also vote on important governance issues using the token. BCOIN can also speed up hero box opening, which contains reward tokens.

Furthermore, as an in-game token, BCOIN greatly benefits the players. Token holders can use it to obtain tickets to in-game events such as boss and battle royale. Following that, the platform allows holders to establish clans to fight monsters and get energy levels to boost the hero’s stamina in the game.

The Team behind Bombcrypto

Senspark is the gaming firm behind Bombcrypto, a Vietnamese independent game developer formed in 2011. Senspark has released more than 40 games, with over 100 million downloads. Stickman Battle 2021 (18M+ downloads) and All Gold Miner Game (20M+ downloads) have been its most successful titles to date.

Lam Ho, a Vietnamese serial gaming entrepreneur who has led the firm for over ten years, founded Senspark. Senspark employs about 40 people in total. Furthermore, Thai Duong, Google’s Head of Security, Truong Do, Google’s Game Industry Manager in South-East Asia, and Eric Vuong, Chairman, and CEO of HVA Investment JSC, are advisers for the P2E game.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to explore the world of NFT games, namely BombCrypto, you should be aware of the risks involved. These assets, like any cryptocurrency, are volatile, which means their value fluctuates. If there is a problem or if people quit playing, their value will decline, and the long-awaited return on investment may take even longer.

That being said, do your homework before making any investments; investing in cryptocurrencies is extremely dangerous and speculative, so you should come prepared. However, if you are just looking for a casual gaming experience or just want to explore the world of NFT games, you can always give this a try.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender and is currently unregulated. Kindly ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading cryptocurrencies as they are often subject to high price volatility. The information provided in this section doesn't represent any investment advice or WazirX's official position. WazirX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change this blog post at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
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