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WINk listing on WazirX

By August 13, 20192 minute read

Update on 27th August 2019: WIN/USDT trading is live on WazirX

Namaste Tribe! WIN (WINk) token is listing on WazirX very soon, and you will be able to buy, sell, and trade WIN tokens on WazirX in India in our USDT market! Hold on, there’s more to the good news: We also fully support the WIN airdrop happening tentatively on 27th August, 2019.

We’ll announce when WIN trading is live on our platform.

WIN Trivia

Formerly known as TRONBet, WINk is a a online blockchain gaming DApp based on the Tron blockchain. WIN token, a TRC20-based utility token, is WINk’s platform token. WIN holders are the platform’s core user base and will receive numerous benefits for their loyal support of the token.

You can read their white paper here.

WIN total supply: 999,000,000,000 WIN

WINk is running an airdrop program where TRX holders will receive WIN token airdrops every month. If you’re holding TRX on WazirX, rejoice, because we support the monthly airdrops.

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WIN token airdrop snapshot timeline

Initial airdrop of 10,989,000,000 WIN on August 27, 2019

September 27, 2019 — August 27, 2020
Amount of WIN airdropped on the 27th of each month: 999,000,000 WIN

September 27, 2020 — August 27, 2021
Amount of WIN airdropped on the 27th of each month: 1,082,250,000 WIN

September 27, 2021 — August 27, 2022
Amount of WIN airdropped on the 27th of each month: 1,165,500,000 WIN

WazirX will take snapshot of your TRX balance on 27th of every month at 9:30 pm IST. We will distribute the airdropped WIN tokens to TRX holders within 7 days.

Calculation: WIN received by a user = Amount of TRX held by them at the time of each snapshot / Total TRX held by WazirX at the time of each snapshot * Total WIN received by WazirX based on total TRX holdings for each respective monthly airdrop

Important: TRX balances under 100 TRX (including those in trade orders) will not be eligible for the airdrop.

Read WINk’s announcement on their blog here.

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Priyanka works at WazirX, and is HODLing like most of us.
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