Women’s Day – How these Moms Got into Crypto

By March 8, 20225 minute read
Women's Day - How these Moms Got into Crypto

Motherhood is arguably a bundle of emotions that defy logic at times. Hearing the word “mom,” the very first image that comes to our mind is the human representation of unconditional affection. You can find numerous stories about a mom’s unlimited potential. From handling kids to handling work and home, mothers are truly the wonder women of our lives. But did you know that moms are all set to dominate the crypto world?

In this article, we will celebrate the growth of moms in the crypto sphere by sharing the story of successful moms who are earning handsome money by trading crypto. This is dedicated to all the mothers who are stepping into the crypto world despite all the obstacles around.

#1 Brenda Gentry

“Crypto is about financial freedom”

– Brenda Gentry

Brenda Gentry made the best decision of her life by going all-in on cryptocurrency after seeing significant returns on her crypto investments. The mom of two left USAA, a financial services company, in October 2021 after working as a mortgage underwriter for more than a decade. Gentry is now the owner of a cryptocurrency consulting firm. 

Gentry began investing in cryptocurrencies during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 before being a full-time crypto investor. She began small but gradually increased her investment. She had reaped substantial rewards by early 2021 and left her steady 9-to-5 job. Gentry and her family see cryptocurrency as a means of accumulating wealth for future generations. They are all involved in various cryptocurrency projects, such as gaming and DeFi.

DeFi protocols have made interest rates more competitive than traditional banks. DeFi loan providers typically seek collateral in the form of other crypto assets. These factors, however, make the asset extremely risky. Gentry now runs Gentry Media Productions with her two daughters, Cynthia and Imani, while continuing to invest in digital assets.

Gentry Media Productions is a consulting firm that specializes in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) projects. Gentry earns around 10-20 Ethers per month from the business, which equates to $40,000-80,000 per month. She used to make around $75,000 per year in her previous 9 to 5 job.

#2 Modupe Aruleba

“I can boldly say that Bitcoin has put a smile on my mom’s face, and she has had no regret trading Bitcoin.”

– Ayotunde Aruleba, Modupe Aruleba’s son.

Modupe Aruleba broke the stereotype that you need to be super tech-savvy to start your crypto journey. Modupe had no knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies until her son explained the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchains to her. Since then, Modupe has been an active Bitcoin trader. 

Modupe, like any new trader, has her fair share of difficulties in the crypto world. However, she has already managed to strengthen her grip in the crypto sphere by actively trading cryptocurrencies and exploring new opportunities. Thanks to Bitcoin, Modupe could be financially independent to pay her children’s fees and bear other expenses. 

#3 Tiffany Britt

“The idea isn’t necessarily to “make money” but to become literate in an emerging field.”

– Tiffany Britt

Tiffany Britt boosted her cryptocurrency journey by gathering a group of crypto enthusiastic moms. Her story is an example of how moms have come together to fulfill a mom’s crypto trading dream. In January 2018, Tiffany dabbled in cryptocurrency herself and made a small but commendable profit of slightly more than $1,000 — not bad for a newcomer. Realizing the potential of cryptocurrencies, she made a unique request on a private parenting Facebook group. She asked if any of the other mothers in the group would be interested in pooling their resources to invest in Bitcoin.

With the help of 30 moms, Britt was successful in raising $1,400 to continue her Bitcoin journey. Britt admitted to having “zero finance or investing training or knowledge.” But she and a few of her female friends had been slowly learning about the stock market for several years before venturing into cryptocurrency. According to Britt, along with making money, it is crucial to share your learnings from the crypto sphere to make more people aware of the real scenario and help them in their crypto journey.

#4 Arry Yu

“This is just the beginning of something that’s better. That’s the exciting part.”

– Arry Yu on cryptocurrencies

Arry Yu is the founding Chair of the Cascadia Blockchain Council and a Board Member of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA). A renowned name in the crypto sphere, this mom of two is a serial entrepreneur and strategic operator with expertise in scaling technology businesses. 

Arry is the driving force behind the $32 million StormX Token Initial Coin Offering (ICO). She led the establishment of a global crypto-community for StormX in less than six months. Along with having an undying passion for blockchains, this mom is determined to help aspiring crypto traders by providing them with the knowledge required to start their crypto journey. Her podcast “Windshield Times” covers “life, money, and bitcoin for parents and busy professionals who are curious about the world of bitcoin, blockchains, and crypto-assets.”

#5 Susan

“More money than I’d ever earned in my life!”

– Susan on earning from crypto trading

Susan first became interested in cryptocurrency while going home from work one evening. She overheard two women on the bus discussing a conference aimed at assisting stay-at-home parents in getting started with Bitcoin trading. She hasn’t looked back after that. Earlier, this mom worked as a care worker at a primary school in North London, where she worked with children with learning disabilities for less than $9 an hour. 

But, after the toll of long hours, unpaid overtime, and an agonizing commute on public transportation, she resigned in October and took the path of crypto trading to support herself and her family financially. She claims to have earned more than $5,000 since then. Further, Susan believes in helping other moms in their crypto journey as she understands that the profits from crypto trading go into paying for the important things that most moms can’t afford while doing other jobs.

What the Future Holds for Crypto Moms

The crypto sphere is emerging, but the participation of women in this field is relatively lower than men. Only 7% of women invest in crypto compared to the 16% of men. However, if the consumer economy had a gender, it would be a woman. 

Women are widely considered as the primary caregivers to family members, which instills into them an undeniable multiplier effect that can change the position of any market. 82% of the women in the USA and UK find financial independence as a need. 

Mothers’ potential is often overlooked because they work tirelessly and invisibly behind the scenes to care for their loved ones. The world of cryptocurrencies is open to all, and with the moms taking an active part in crypto trading, we expect the younger generations to learn and earn.

This spring, one of the fastest-growing NFT projects, Wall St. Fam will release its much-anticipated Mom Collection. Moms are all set to seize the opportunity to become one of the most powerful forces moving forward using NFT technology.

They now have exclusive access to NFT tools and resources, putting them on equal footing with the men with handsome money in their wallets. Crypto moms are actively building their community on several social media platforms. This women’s day, let’s pledge to support their crypto enthusiasm and together build a stronger crypto community around the globe!

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender and is currently unregulated. Kindly ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading cryptocurrencies as they are often subject to high price volatility. The information provided in this section doesn't represent any investment advice or WazirX's official position. WazirX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change this blog post at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
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