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ZEC/INR trading on WazirX

By December 1, 20201 minute read

Namaste Tribe! ZEC/INR trading is live on WazirX and you can buy, sell, trade Zcash (ZEC) in our INR market.

ZEC/INR trading is live on WazirX! Share this

About ZEC

Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency focused on privacy and anonymity. It uses the zk-SNARK zero-knowledge proof technology that allows nodes on the network to verify transactions without revealing any sensitive information about those transactions.

Contrary to a common misunderstanding, the majority of cryptocurrencies on the market, including Bitcoin (BTC), are not anonymous, but rather pseudonymous; while they do not explicitly reveal the identities of their users, each user has their own public address or addresses which can be traced back to them via the methods of data science and blockchain forensics.

Zcash transactions, on the other hand, still have to be relayed via a public blockchain, but unlike pseudonymous cryptocurrencies, ZEC transactions by default do not reveal the sending and receiving addresses or the amount being sent. There is an option, however, to reveal this data for the purposes of auditing or regulatory compliance.

  • Trading Price (past 24 hr): $79.58 USD
  • Global Market Cap (past 24 hr): $844,180,864 USD
  • Trading Volume (past 24 hr): $787,766,250 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 10,591,725 ZEC
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000 ZEC

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