A cryptocurrency wallet can transfer and receive cryptocurrency using a string of characters known as a crypto address. It resembles a physical address, email address, or website. However, each address is distinct and indicates where a wallet is located on the blockchain.

Most blockchain addresses are challenging for humans to comprehend, as they are composed of long random strings of letters and numbers. They are all distinctive, though, so computer networks are unaffected.

The transactions going in and out of a blockchain address can be seen using a blockchain explorer since blockchain addresses are public. Therefore, the amount of assets at the address is also visible. Blockchains predicated on privacy are the lone exception.

Even though the addresses are visible, most of them are pseudonymous (or anonymous) because the person who owns them typically doesn’t have their real identity attached to them. However, there are instances where addresses and the person or organization behind them are known, typically in the case of exchanges and the owners or creators of token projects.

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