A cryptocurrency that has the quality of being “immune” to ASIC mining is said to be ASIC-resistant.

ASIC hardware is created for use in the Bitcoin mining process in the realm of cryptocurrency (or other cryptocurrencies). Bitcoin is an illustration of a cryptocurrency that is not ASIC-resistant because of this.

The protocol and mining algorithm of an ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency are set up in such a way that utilizing ASIC processors to mine the coin is either impossible or provides no noticeable advantages over conventional GPU mining. As a result, using ASICs on coins that are resistant to them can occasionally be worse than using more traditional technology.

Solutions that are ASIC-resistant put a strong emphasis on deft governance and, of course, the ideal mining algorithm. By design, this should either restrict the development of ASICs or at the very least render them inferior to consumer PC hardware. Specific technological options can involve:
Changing the algorithm for each mining block.
Requiring more RAM.
Even concentrating the mining on a particular storage volume.

ASIC resistance is a defensive strategy, and no hashing algorithm can ensure that an ASIC miner won’t be developed for it if the price of the underlying coin makes it economically viable.

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