Ask Price

The ask price is the least amount a prospective seller will take in exchange for a coin. Their sell price for the lowest ask price currently being given is typical on most exchanges. Therefore, the ask price will similarly reduce as demand declines. This implies that changes in the daily trading volume will impact the ask price.

The last price of the most recent successful transaction determines the watermark that is applied for a particular ask price. Since the ask price is the lowest price provided, it can only ever be sold for that amount or more. Sellers are allowed to set their asking price, but if it is too high compared to the going rate in the market, there won’t be any buyers.

Ask price is a component of the two-way “bid and ask” pricing system, in which the bid price is established by the buyer and represents the highest price they are prepared to pay for the relevant asset in the base currency.

For instance, if a cryptocurrency is trading with an ask price of $20, someone intending to acquire that cryptocurrency would need to make an offer of at least $20 to do so at the current price. The bid-ask spread is a common name for the difference between the bid and ask prices.

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