Attack surface

An attacker or a manipulator can access data and remove it from the system through various methods, collectively referred to as the attack surface. Or, to put it another way, it is the part of the system that is most susceptible. Again, this demonstrates how secure the surroundings are.

A bigger attack surface makes it easier to infiltrate the environment. Therefore, making the attack surface as small as possible is essential. This idea is crucial for software protection.

An unauthorized user’s attack has the ability to harm the system by changing or removing data from it. However, lowering the attack surface does not lessen the amount of harm a bad actor might cause after they have gained access to the system.

Therefore, the attack surface should be as narrow as feasible while designing secure systems. Several methods exist for doing this:

The services that are only used by a limited number of people ought to be dropped. Consequently, if there are fewer extra features, there will be fewer attack vectors.
The system contains code that is constantly in use. There will be fewer attack vectors due to cutting back on it.
Making fewer access points will also reduce the number of attack vectors in the system.

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