A blockchain is comprised of blocks or records. In the crypto world, blocks resemble ledger pages, and the blockchain serves as the entire record-keeping manual. A block is a file used to contain network-related data that cannot be changed.

All the records of legitimate cryptocurrency transactions are stored in blocks. They are encoded into a hash tree or Merkle tree after being hashed.

In a hash tree, each leaf node’s label contains the hash of a particular data block.

Every block in the blockchain contains the block’s cryptographic hash before it. A blockchain comprises a block and all the blocks that came before and after it.

The Genesis Block is one of the first blocks in a blockchain. Due to the lack of a block preceding it, it is the only one with no data on the previous block.

Every piece of data from earlier blocks is replicated in every block. Each block in the blockchain has all the data instead of having a central ledger with information about the whole system. In other words, a distributed ledger system, as opposed to a centralized one, is used by blockchains.

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