Though BUIDL is not as well-known as HODL, it is nonetheless frequently employed by different groups within the crypto world. In the same way as HODL, BUIDL is likewise a misspelled word—this time, build—though it was done on purpose.

On the other hand, the phrase “HODL” is quite well known in the crypto sphere. It all started with a 2013 post in a Bitcoin forum by an ecstatic “I am HODLING” crypto fanatic. The spelling error came to be associated with long-term bitcoin holders who refuse to sell their holdings. Hold on (for) dear life is an additional helpful abbreviation for the phrase.

BUIDL is intended to motivate crypto community members to actively participate in creating a currency instead of waiting passively and praying that someone else will do the grunt work. The reasoning behind it is that if you genuinely believe that cryptocurrencies will have a bright future, you should do your part to support blockchain- and cryptocurrency-based initiatives that will be put to use.

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