The term “cloud” in computer science refers to a shared resource pool that is made accessible to several users over the Internet. These resources can also include various services, applications, networks, and servers, but they are typically associated with data storage and computing power.

Cloud-based resources typically have varying degrees of scalability, are simple and convenient to access, and can be dynamically modified to serve multiple needs. The use of cloud computing is widespread in many facets of modern life. Many services and apps are developed using cloud technology.

For instance, to scale effectively and deliver the most remarkable customer experience possible, on-demand streaming services like Netflix are utilizing cloud computing capabilities. Cloud computing is also used by well-known voice and text messaging apps like Skype and WhatsApp to enable high-quality communication between their users. Other instances include the cloud-based programs offered by Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, which assist millions of people globally and make it simple to operate and interact in real-time from any location at any time.

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