A cryptocurrency is labeled as a coin or token when it appears on an exchange. Although coin listings might occur on several exchanges, the procedure is often the same. Delisting, on the other hand, is the process of removing a trading pair or an existing cryptocurrency (coin or token) from a cryptocurrency exchange.

For several reasons, including the end of the project that controls the coin, delisting may be requested voluntarily by the project. Alternately, the coin no longer satisfies the exchange’s various listing standards, which is a more common reason for delisting (involuntarily).

Many variables could affect whether an exchange decides to delist an asset. These are a few of these factors, though not all of them:

– The team’s overall dedication to the project
– The standard and level of development activities
– Stability of the project network and/or smart contracts
– Project team’s level of public interaction
– Response to an exchange’s due diligence demands
– Proof of dishonest or deceptive behavior
– Whether the initiative is making a positive impact on a robust and long-lasting blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.
– Additional factors that make doing business with the project, in the exchange’s opinion, unsuitable or risky

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