Design Flaw Attack

A malicious assault intending to obtain someone’s cryptocurrency funds is a design flaw attack. It occurs due to an attacker producing faulty software (a smart contract, a marketplace, a DEX). This is done so that permissionless, decentralized software users can behave without being aware of the mistakes.

These assaults may also be directed at price feeds and other similar information sources. Any smart contract that depends on a specific data source is susceptible to manipulation and exploitation by an evil actor. The protocol or a marketplace with a single price source API can make this possible.

A design flaw attack typically produces fictitious possibilities that are highly obvious to consumers, luring them to lock their money inside a smart contract. The result of a false and convincing description of some contract provisions or the protocol upon which they are founded is an unjust settlement and the release of capital. The report often includes numerous user benefits.

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