Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a group of businesses working together to adopt and utilize one of the most prominent blockchains, Ethereum. It links Fortune 500 businesses, startups, researchers, and technology providers with Ethereum subject matter experts.

Many advantages come with EEA membership. First, networking helps with networking because members can get in touch, locate investors, and secure speaking engagements at events. The EEA is an excellent place to learn about Ethereum. Members gain free access to technical strategies, expert insights, and technology displays.

The EEA’s primary goal is to make Ethereum a business-grade technology that its members and other businesses may use. Companies can gain from the speed and number of transactions that blockchain technology can handle, as well as other blockchain applications that are made available through Ethereum.

The EEA now has more than 100 members. Although there are other kinds of firms as well, the majority of them are financial services or blockchain businesses. The EEA board of directors comprises representatives from the following member companies: JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Microsoft, Ethereum Foundation, and others.

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