The potential of Ethereum (ETH) replacing Bitcoin in terms of market value is known as “flippening,” a phrase casually created in 2017. (BTC). The word, therefore, refers to the speculative time in the future when Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization.

A cryptocurrency’s market capitalization (market cap) is generally calculated by multiplying the circulating supply by the current market price (although some calculations exclude lost coins or tokens). Bitcoin now holds the top spot in market capitalization, followed by Ethereum.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has always been the most valuable cryptocurrency, its market share has dramatically declined in recent years. Particularly noticeable was the decline in mid-2017 and early 2018. Many Ethereum backers wished for the Flippening to occur around those times. In addition, speculators predicted that Ethereum would surpass Bitcoin in these rankings due to its greater flexibility and the capacity to create smart contracts; however, the Flippening never happened.

To monitor Ethereum’s development in relation to Bitcoin, check out the Flippening watch page.

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