Formal Verification

The highly specialized procedure known as formal Verification is used to demonstrate the security and accuracy of blockchain smart contracts mathematically.

Formal Verification, in contrast to manual security checks, analyzes the complete logic of the code at scale and mathematically assures that your software only operates as intended. In addition, Formal Verification performs a full audit of your program by comparing it to all potential values for all variables.

Formal Verification aims to demonstrate or refute the correct operation of desired algorithms, protocols, or business operations. Mathematical systems are capable of doing calculations against nearly unlimited situations instead of relying on fallible human judgment. Formal Verification goes farther and more profound than any human team can by applying complete and rigorous mathematical reasoning against code.

Formal Verification has been applied to hardware projects in the business, scientific, and military sectors since its debut in the late 1960s, including NASA’s Mars Rover.

Formal Verification, which is based on specific mathematical facts, can safeguard these systems as blockchain projects grow in size and complexity.

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