The Ethereum network cannot function without Gas; it is the literal fuel that powers it. Gas is the term used to measure the amount of computing labor necessary to carry out specified activities on the Ethereum network. You need Gas to get miners to record your transactions in the blockchain, whether you dream of being a part of a token crowdsale or playing CryptoKitties.

For a better user experience, this Gas price is paid out in ETH, which is typically translated into GWEI.

Gas is essential since it is the main form of incentive in the Ethereum network. Keep in mind that miners must employ their computing resources to conduct smart contract operations; they do not do so voluntarily; instead, they do it to receive payment for their essential services.

As in any Proof-of-Work system, the miner hash rate, which primarily depends on the financial incentive to secure the network, is a determinant of the network’s security. As more Gas Ethereum miners can earn, the network will be more secure.

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